Wright Automotive Photography for wall display

Here’s a fun shot we did for a Pittsburgh client, Write automotive.  I just couldn’t help myself from doing a little “post production” to enhance the photo, but nothing too crazy.  And for payment, I tried to trade my services for the yellow car, but the client, for some strange reason, wouldn’t go for in…

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Pittsburgh Healthcare Photography

For some reason, I really love shooting healthcare photography.  I think it’s because these seems to be an underling need for photographic drama…  And it’s pretty easy to get dramatic shots in an operating room, but the tough shots are when you need to represent less dramatic situations.  I’m converted these shots to black and…

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Environmental Portrait Photography

I’ve always had this thing for doing environmental portrait photography, ever since I started my business long ago, here in Pittsburgh.  I think I’m getting better and better, and to grow, I know I must keep on growing and evolving into new styles.  I’ve been experimenting a lot lately and I’ve come upon a technique…

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Editorial Portrait Photography – Pittsburgh

Here’s another portrait from a recent job.  I really like capturing the essence of a person and I find that’s most easily done with a serious expression.  Of course not all assignments, especially commercial photography assignments, want a serious expression, but in my opinion, that’s the expression that lets you in to see the soul…

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Editorial Photography in Pittsburgh

I’ve been getting a little board and thought I’d play around a little, in the world of editorial photography.  This is an image from a recent shoot and I really like the post production treatment.  Editorial portrait  photography is mostly about the photographer’s interaction with the subject, but it seams that the post-production of the…

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