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Michael Ray is a Pittsburgh PA-based professional food, portrait and commercial photographer who specializes in creating artistically lit photography for use in advertisements, packaging, recipe cool books, display, food related, publications, web page content, brochures and other direct mail materials. Using his unique and imaginative lighting techniques, Michael can emphasize and de-emphasize the tone, texture, shape and volume in selected areas of the image until the photograph communicates exactly what he and the creative team wants to convey.


After graduating from art school, Michael Ray began his career as the in-house photographer for Image Studio, a design firm in Lexington, Kentucky. Working closely with the firm’s graphic designers, Michael deepened his understanding of photography’s role in complementing designs and enhancing communication. He also began photographing food and ignited his lifelong passion for the art of representing flavors and scents through visual images. Michael soon moved to Chicago to accept a position as a staff photographer at a large catalog photography company. He worked for clients such as Sears, Spiegel, and Montgomery Ward. Because his shooting space was near the studio’s kitchen, Michael handled the majority of projects requiring food and food props. This enabled Michael to develop considerable expertise in lighting and shooting not only food, but also other difficult subjects such as chrome and glassware.


After leaving Chicago, Michael returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh and launched his own commercial photography business under the name of Michael Ray Photography. He has continued to hone his skills in commercial food photography and has earned the trust of many leading food manufacturers, magazines, restaurants and supermarket chains.


Michael Ray Photography is based in a 4500-square-foot studio in Pittsburgh PA’s fashionable Strip District, home to many advertising agencies, design firms, and other creative companies. The studio is equipped with state-of-the-art photography tools, including top-of-the-line Nikon Cameras and lenses,  and a powerful Macintosh computer system with a fast DSL Internet connection for delivering digital files to clients. The studio also features 17-foot ceilings and includes a fully equipped kitchen and a model’s changing room.

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