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Pittsburgh Food Photography Overview

Not to boast, but I have to say that I probably photograph more food in Pittsburgh than any other photographer.  Over the years, I’ve worked with most of the city’s food related companies including Heinz, Del Monte, Eat’n Park, Kings, Sarris’s Chocolates, Primanti Brothers, Giant Eagle Markets and many many others, not to mention the national clients that have come to Pittsburgh to work with me.  Even tough I like variety and wouldn’t want to become a total specialist, food Photography is probably my favorite thing to shoot.  Because of that, my 3800 square-foot Strip District studio is totally designed around shooting food.  The studio boasts a fully equipped kitchen, including a large commercial six-burner gas stove, and a commercial convection oven with attached proofer.  The kitchen also includes a double-wide restaurant cooler and four freezers.

Food Photography Props

One thing that will make or break a food photography shoot is the access to props.  Sure, it’s nice (but expensive) to hire a stylist to go out and purchase the props you’ll think you’ll need for a specific shoot, but it’s also nice to have a large variety of props on hand to allow for any last minute changes.  Along with my own accumulated food photography props, I’ve teamed up with a local stylist to store her props at my studio, with the understanding that I have access to them whenever I need.  This comes in really handy.

Surfaces For Shooting Food

Are you looking for a picnic table background, white boards, a marble surface, or maybe an elegant cherry dining room table?  I probably have it, and if I don’t, I can probably get it. We also have on hand various ceramic tile backgrounds, butcher block tables, scenic wall flats, and many other stained wood surfaces.

Food Photography Lighting

Lighting food is something that is near and dear to my heart and is the thing that separates me from my competitors.  I use a light source that is a little different than most photographers. It’s actually a light used for making movies, now modified to hold a flash tube.  What this light allows me to do is enhance the texture of the food.  Most other food photographers use softboxes and so do I sometimes, but most of the time I like to use my movie light to make my food photos as three-dimensional as possible.  I want my food photography to jump right off the page, the billboard, or the computer screen.

Perfect Camera For Photographing Food

Most people in Pittsburgh think that a camera is just a camera, but that’s not entirely true when is comes to photographing food.  Most times when I go on location, I take my 35mm with a special lens for photographing food, but when I’m in the studio, I prefer to use my 6×9 view camera.  The resolution of both cameras is superb for the purpose of food photography, but that’s what’s great about the view camera is it’s ability control perspective and to control focus.  The view camera also provides the quick depth-of-field fall-off that separates it from the look of the 35mm.  Very few photographers still use the view camera today and this is another reason that my work tends to look so much better than my competitors.

Conclusion – Your Food Photography needs in Pittsburgh PA

If you find yourself in the need of a Pittsburgh food photographer, you can’t go wrong with just giving me a call to discuss the project.  There’s always a small chance that your job isn’t a perfect fit with what I do, and in that case, I can probably point you in the right direction.  Chances are, I’ll be able to work with you to create some really great food photography for whatever your needs may be, whether it’s a billboard, a magazine ad, or even food photos for your web page. Please give me a call at 412-232-444 of contact me at mray@michaelray.com and please take a minute to see my Food Photography Gallery

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