Pittsburgh Sound Mixer / Location Sound Recordist / Boom Operator / Production Sound

I’m a Pittsburgh Sound Mixer and location production sound recordist. I have a passion for capturing location sound for all types of Video Projects, Commercials, Documentary Films, Indy films, Reality TV, and other Narrative Films, in the Pittsburgh area.

If you are a corporate videographer or a filmmaker looking for a quality production sound person, boom operator, sound mixer, or sound recordist, please drop me a line or give me a call at 412-232-4444  You won’t be sorry…

Testimonials for Pittsburgh Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operator, and Sound Recordist,  Michael RayPittsburgh Sound MIxer, Location Sound Recordist and Boom Operator, Michael Ray

“Michael ran sound on my short film, was super easy to work with. Rolled with the punches, shrugged off less than ideal weather conditions, knew his stuff, had great equipment, was a total professional, and even helped out a bit with dialogue. Definitely plan to collaborate with him again. – Eric Paul Chapman

I worked with Michael Ray on film projects during a few occasions and every time I have worked with him, I have learn a lot of new lighting tricks.  Michael is great with lighting and is very quick to come up with ideas on how to light a scene.  Michael also is a very good sound guy.  His sounds is high quality.  A long with those great skills I mention,  Michael is also fun on set.  I definitely will be acquiring his help in the near future for more projects down the road.Cliffhanger Croumbles

Michael was the first one to arrive on my film set and was ultra prepared with his high-end mics and mixers. He didn’t blink at whatever I needed, whenever I needed it, and let me work fast while still delivering solid audio. I LOVE as a director when I don’t have to worry a lot about things like boom positioning, lav rustle, sound levels, etc, and he totally took that load off my shoulders. He also adds a lot of goofiness to the BTS photos. Everyone else seems to like Mike and it was my turn to learn why.Scott Danzig / Sneaky Ghost Films

Michael Ray is by far one of my favorites to have on set. Not only is he talented and knowledgeable, but he’s professional, easy to work with, and helps to cultivate a calm and relaxing set. Good sound makes or breaks a project, and I can confidently say that Michael has made project after project worth the watch.Michelle Do / Mammoth Films

Michael’s work on our project was fantastic, he delivered great sound for us even in a very challenging environment. He’s extremely knowledgeable and a great personality to have on the team. Michael has a positive attitude to problem-solving and went above and beyond to help our production run as smoothly as possible. – Luke White / Boxclever Media Ltd

Michael was a total pleasure to work with on our web-series Slick Tommies. As things tend to go with indie shoots, he was able to keep up and roll with the myriad changes that happened on a daily basis. He always asked the right questions so that he was ahead of the game, having actors wired in advance, knowing frame lines before the cameras roll, and keeping production in the know whenever there were any technical issues. As a producer putting out constant fires and picking up the job duties of any crew members we were lacking, I was happy and comforted to know that the quality of our sound was safe in Michael’s hands.Stephen Turselli “Producer/Director, Solano Pictures LLC”

Michael is a true asset to any production. Having worked with him on several film projects, I have seen firsthand the quality of his work. He handles himself professionally on set and delivers nothing but excellent sound. Michael is the first choice for RedSlate Films when it comes to sound for our productions.Brian Ceponis

Michael Ray, Pittsburgh Sound Mixer, Boom Operator and so much more. He is a delight to work with and brings years of experience to the table and not just in the sound world. Michael is definitely a people person full of passion and ambition. He has a strong desire to succeed and is always willing to go the extra mile. His expertise in Lighting also helps him understand where to place the boom to get the best sound and not interfere with the lighting design. I feel the privilege to have Michael Ray in my network and would welcome him on any production or team.  –  Travis Culley

Michael Ray is fantastic to work with. He knows what he’s doing and always acts professionally. He can think on the spot to get you exactly what you need. He worked on a project, and I needed the room to look like something was on fire, he quickly had an idea and solved that problem. He will be the person I go to for every projectJesse Hutchins “Hutchins Films / RedSlate Films”

Here is a list of narrative film projects that I’ve been involved with as a sound recordist or sound mixer

  1. The Transmission Red Slate Films (production sound)
  2. A Mother’s Love (short film) Darrin J. Friedman (production sound mixer)
  3. Mama Knows Best (48hr horror short film) Jackie Druga (production sound mixer)
  4. My Day with Parker (short film) 3BT Productions (production sound mixer)
  5. Bad Trip (short film) Bokeh Pictures (production sound mixer)
  6. Clean Money (short film) Tiahna Kovarik (production sound mixer)
  7. The 12th Letter (short film) Jackie Hovorka (production sound mixer)
  8. Return For You (short film) Clifton Croumbels (production sound mixer)
  9. Together (short film) 3BT Productions (production sound mixer)
  10. Medical Divorce (short film) Sneaky Ghost Films (production sound mixer)
  11. Destination Unknown (short film) John Iwanonkiw (production sound mixer)
  12. Crash, Burn, Love – (documentary film) CENTONE PICTURES, LLC. (production sound mixer)
  13. Bereavement – (short film) Red Slate Films (production sound mixer)
  14. When will I see you again – Eric Chapman (production sound mixer)
  15. Alan Adams (Music Video) – Michael Ray Photography (videography, lighting, sound, set)
  16. Santa Bloody Santa (short film) Dean Thomas (production sound)
  17. A Family Affair (48hr short film) Diggs Boys (production sound mixer, lighting)
  18. Ed & Day (Reality-TV) HTV Digital Studio, Hearst Television (production sound mixer)
  19. Arrivederci Bastardo (short film) Shadow Frame Productions (production sound, and lighting)
  20. Done Waiting, Chapter 2 (feature film) Red Slate Films (production sound mixer, lighting, and drone pilot)
  21. The Ellen Show (reality game show) – (production sound/boom operator)
  22. Servitude (short film) Dean Thomas (production sound, lighting, and drone pilot)
  23. Incisor (48-hr film project) Io films (production sound)
  24. Hiraeth (short film) G.W.A Productions (production sound and drone pilot)
  25. Art & Pep (documentary film) Daisy May Films Chicago (production sound)
  26. Children as Giants (feature film) Red Slate Films (lighting and production sound)
  27. Sasha Reclaimed (short film) Mammoth Films (production sound)
  28. Luminous Dreams (short film) Red Slate Films (lighting and production sound)
  29. Conflicted (short film) Samual Diggs (production sound)
  30. Schedenfreude (48-hr film project) Adams Apple Creative (sound and lights)
  31. The Long Mile (short film) Red Slate Films (production sound)
  32. Darkest Hour (short film) PJ Gaynard – Goat Milk Fudge Productions (production sound)
  33. A Quiet Town (prologue) Red Slate Films (lighting and production sound)
  34. Hell in a Handbasket (short film) Tanisha Jackson (production sound)
  35. Living With A Luchador (short video) – Goat Milk Fudge Productions (production sound)
  36. Rigor Mortis (short film) Ryan Bogdewic (production sound)
  37. Quietus – (3K film project) Red Slate Films (production sound)
  38. Straight and Narrow (short film) Red Slate Films (Lighting and production sound)
  39. Landforce (documentary) Michael Skinner (production sound)
  40. Slick Tommies (web series) Stephen Turselli (production sound)
  41. Treasure Island (short film) Michael Ray
  42. Steps (short film) (48-hr film project) 2820 Productions (production sound)
  43. Jack and the Treehouse (feature film) James Schneider (production sound)
  44. Decisions (short film) Darrel Pullie (production sound)
  45. Girls Will Be Girls (short film) Shay Francis (production sound)
  46. VHS Project (short film) Shay Francis (production sound)
  47. Monkeyfication (short film) Nick Clark (production sound)
  48. Niagra Falls (short film) Dayne Jefferson (production sound)
  49. A Step Toward Recovery (short film) Eric Overson (production sound)
  50. Grave Encounters (short film) Jason Burke (production sound)
  51. Done Waiting (short film) Hutchins Films (production sound)
  52. Planetarium (short film) Brenna Power (production sound)
  53. Jack and Diane (feature film sizzle) Jackson McKeehan (production sound)
  54. Ineraticability (short film) Joseph Stone (production sound)
  55. Litchfield (feature film) Franco Pinacchio (production sound)
  56. The Caper (feature film) Mike McKown (production sound)
  57. Waking Moments (3K short film) Hutchins Films (production sound)
  58. Adventures of Betty (web series) Joel Rosenthal (production sound)
  59. The Autumn People (short film) Brian Cottington (production sound)
  60. A Black Top Canvas (short) Adam “Ajay” Crawford (production sound)
  61. Beth (short film) Hutchens Films (production sound)
  62. Street Voices (feature film) Jeremy St Hilaire (production sound)
  63. Life For Death (short film) Nick Clark (production sound)
  64. Christmas in July (short film) (48-hr film project) Hutchins Films (production sound)
  65. Waiting on Words (short film) Joseph Chadwick III (production sound)

Here are a few corporate videos I’ve been involved with, capturing location sound, and on some, doing the lighting too.

  1. Allegheny Conference – Laura Karet Interview (production sound and lighting)
  2. Applied Art And Technology – Steve Wright Interview (production sound and lighting)
  3. Wired – Testing Shoes That Make You Walk 250% Faster (production sound)
  4. Political Video Parish Digital Video Production (production sound)
  5. Ansys Astrobotic Interview – Applebos Studio (production sound)
  6. Political Video Parish Digital Video Production (production sound)
  7. Ansys Corporate Officer Interview – Applebos Studio (production sound)
  8. Ansys Corporate Officer Interview – Applebos Studio (production sound)
  9. Vision For Life Social Media Commercials (production sound and lighting)
  10. Ansys Annual Sales Meeting Video – Applebos Studio (production sound and lighting)
  11. Washington County Machine Gun promotional video – Mark Cantu (sound mixer)
  12. Vision For Life Social media commercials (production sound and lighting)
  13. Duolingo – Glass and Marker (sound recordist)
  14. Dallas Hartman Law promotional videos (production sound and lighting)
  15. Vision For Life Social media commercials (production sound and lighting)
  16. Blood Science Foundation video (lighting and location sound mixer)
  17. JDRF Gala Video (production sound and lighting)
  18. Ansys Sales meeting video (production sound and lighting)
  19. Pittsburgh Choices (Facebook Ad video)
  20. Vision For Life Social Media Commercials (production sound and lighting)
  21. Aerotec Corporate Video (lighting)
  22. Blood Science Foundation (lighting and location sound mixer)
  23. HBK Promotional Videos (lighting and location sound mixer)
  24. Dallas Hartman Law TV Commercials (lighting and location sound mixer)
  25. Women’s Choice Network Promotional Video (lighting and location sound mixer)
  26. HBK Corporate Video (lighting and location sound mixer)
  27. Near Shore Technology Corporate Video (lighting and location sound mixer)
  28. Our Club House Nonprofit Video (lighting and location sound recordist)
  29. Ansys Corporate Video (lighting and location sound)
  30. Luckey Leaf Food shoot (lighting)
  31. Pall Corporate Video (production sound)
  32. Duolingo Recruitment Video (production sound)
  33. Reality TV – about building houses (sorry, I had to sign a DNA agreement)
  34. Casual Films Corporate Video Shoot (production sound)
  35. Philips Respironics Vector Product Video (production sound and lighting)
  36. Respironics Trilogy Video – Katie Interview (sound and lighting)
  37. Duolingo April Fools Day video (production Sound)
  38. Pittsburgh Modeling and Acting FAQ (production sound and lighting)
  39. Menard Step-up Campaign (production sound)
  40. Maverick Dental (production sound and lighting)
  41. CMU Black History Month video spot (Kameron Neal Kierce) (production sound)
  42. Westinghouse CEO video (production sound and lighting)
  43. Westinghouse Raise the bar video (production sound and lighting)
  44. Philips Respironics – series of three videos to support new product launch (production sound and lighting)

Michael Ray Sound Mixer Story

Pittsburgh sound mixer, Michael RayI’m a man of many interests.  I’ve been working as a commercial photographer here in Pittsburgh for longer than I care to admit.  A few years ago, I started teaming up with another photographer friend of mine in order to start shooting commercial video projects.  Video requires more of a team approach than commercial photography.
Since “lighting” has always been a particular passion of mine, I elected to get more involved with lighting the videos and my friend handled more of the camera work.  We had the camera and lighting departments covered, and that left “sound” as one of our remaining needs.  That’s when I became interested in capturing sound for video.  I started by learning as much as I could off of Youtube and purchased some reasonably good sound equipment to begin my journey.  After acquiring my gear, I needed a place to practice.
I’d heard about the local indie film scene and jumped on Facebook to see if there were any little films that needed a “sound guy”.  As you can imagine, EVERY film needs quality sound and there just aren’t many of us that find capturing sound all that interesting.  Most filmmakers want to run the camera or direct.  Capturing sound just isn’t very glamorous.
Because I did find it capturing sound to be interesting, I soon became very popular and got lots and lots of practice.  To date, I’ve worked on over fifty short films and a bunch of commercial videos and have purchased a bunch of Hollywood-quality sound recording equipment.  It turns out that I’ve become very fond of capturing sound, especially for short films.  There’s something I really like about being so close to the actors as they practice their craft.
There are some very talented actors here in Pittsburgh and I’ve witnessed some very powerful performances from just a few feet away.  It’s very intimate.   So, because of this newfound passion, on most weekends, you’ll find me on one set or another, interacting with my new batch of friends, capturing sound, and making films.
 If you’d like to talk with me about a future project, you can reach me at 412-418-2838 or at mray@michaelray.com.

Here is a list of my location sound equipment:

As you can see, I have very professional equipment and I’m pretty much ready for any location sound recording assignment.

Sound Mixers / Recorders

  • Sound Devices MixPre-10T
  • Sound Devices MixPre-6
  • Zoom H-1

Boom / Shotgun / Interview Mics

  • Sennheiser MKH 50
  • DPA 4017B
  • Rode NTG-3
  • Sennheiser MKE 600
  • Oktava MK-012
  • Rode Video Mic Pro
  • Rode Reporter
  • Rode NT-USB
  • Shure SM58 (2)

Wireless Transmitters / Receivers (9 channels)

  • Lectrosonics SRC Receiver
  • Lectrosonics LT Transmitters (2)
  • Sennheiser G4 (1)
  • Sennheiser G3 (1)
  • Rode News Shooter (2)
  • Rode Wireless Go2 (2 Receivers – 4 Transmitters)
  • Rode Video Maker (1)

Lav Mics

  • Sanken CSO 11D (5)
  • Rode Lav (2)
  • Sennheiser ME2 (2)

Time Code

  • Tentacle Sync E (3)
  • Sound Devices MixPre-10T (Internal)


  • Comtek FPM-216 (1 Transmitter – 2 Receivers)

Camera Hops (If not in use as wireless)

  • Sennheiser G4
  • Sennheiser G3
  • Rode News Shooter (2)
  • Rode Wireless Go2 (4)

Misc Location Sound Equipment

  • K-Tek Boom Poles (2)
  • Rycote Blimp and Dead Cat (for DPA 4017B)
  • Rode Blimp and Dead Cat
  • Rycote Baby Ball Gag Windshield & Dead Cat (for Sennheiser MKH 50)
  • Orca sound bag (2)
  • Vocal Booth Sound Blankets (6)
  • RockenRoller as Sound Cart
  • Pelican Cases

Production Sound Recordist Photo Gallery (Part 1)

Pittsburgh sound guy Sound recordist Pittsburgh sound recordist on set of reality show Production sound in the studio Location sound mixer lighting and sound for 48 hr film project Pittsburgh Sound mixer for cooking show pilot capturing sound on 48hr film project Sound recordist in the studio Sound recordist kit production sound mixer Pittsburgh Sound mixer at work Pittsburgh short film audio capture Corporate film sound recording Location sound for commercials Production sound for Pittsburgh Corp. Respironics sound for movies! sound for documantory Special effects for short film capturing sound for horror films sound recordist Michael Ray with Pittsburgh actor Sound mixer for web series film crew and sound guy Location Sound Capture for Reality TV showlocation recording on a confined space checking out the latest shot Hanging out with two great actresses with my sound recorder and headphones Film production group shot Production soundDirector and sound recordist Boom op all on film set Location sound for short film location sound for documertary film  Sound recordist checking on plant mic. Location sound for short film catching the sound of vomit gushing! scary audio Sound recording I always meet some great people recording sound Behind the scenes recording sound Sound mixing crew sound recordist equipment case sound recording for narrative film Sound recordist with beautiful talent Recording with some new toys Pittsburgh sound location sound recording for corporate video location sound mixer Pittsburgh sound mixer  Lav hiding Sound guysound mixer checking mic placement cold production sound mixer  sound mixer for short films  bald sound mixer film cast and crew for the one-take chalenge

sound mixer getting ready for the wide shot Redslate Films and sound recordist special effects artist

More Sound Mixer Testimonials

Working with Michael Ray is always a pleasure and such a professional at his craft and a true friend can’t wait to do our next film together thank you so much Michael Ray – John Iwanonkiw

Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always on time, prepared and ready to help out in any capacity on set. He pays great attention to detail and delivers amazing audio quality, even when recorded in harsh conditions. He delivers audio files within a day of recording which helps keep the editing process moving. I hope to have Mike working on all of my future projects.Dean Thomas

Having Michael on set for sound is always a fantastic time; from his bubbly personality to his strong work ethic! He’s always on time and ready to get things done. I can’t wait to work with him again it truly is always a pleasure!Xayne Allen

I’ll tell you what, if you’re looking for a sound guy who shows up, has the right equipment, and peacefully goes about his job without being noticed yet with delivering excellent quality sound, Michael Ray is your man!  I worked on many sets with him.  He knows his stuff! As an actor, we spend a lot of time focusing on our voices, and the sounds that we make, breathing noises, grunts, strange whimpering and the different levels of them, from rock bottom, to the highest blowout, and we use this inventory in scenes prodigiously.  Any situation where you’re not getting good sound, all that time and effort that I put into studying that stuff, goes to waste. So, when I show up on a set and I see that Michael Ray is the sound guy, I smile knowing I’ll be able to use my full range freely!David Ogrodowski

Michael Ray was a joy to work with. He handled the sound on the film with professionalism and delivered great audio. He also helped make the lighting on the film beautiful with some amazing lights and knowledge on his part. I highly recommended him. Kevin Hejna

Michael Ray is the go-to guy for all your sound needs — always punctual, always professional, and always raising the bar on any project he’s a part of.Jeff Smee

Michael Ray, you are a master at sound and lighting. It’s very inspiring. Having you on set, I can comfortably say, whatever you are doing, you truly bring your “A” game. I love working with you!Samuel Diggs

Michael Ray is an incredible professional who shows up on time, has quality gear, finds great solutions, and is ready when the rest of the crew is ready. He is a joy to have on set. I value is the camaraderie and a great attitude. Most of all I value his great sound work.  –  PJ Gaynard / Goat Milk Fudge Productions

Production Sound Recordist Photo Gallery (Part 2)

Boom operator Sound mixing in Pittsburgh Production sound Pittsburgh Boom Operator boom operator Michael Ray

Movie sound recordist waiting for porduction sound Short film sound mixer Production sound shootlocation sound recording movie sound Pittsburgh sound recordist Location Sound mixer in Pittsburgh shadow frame productions sound capture capturing sound in Pittsburgh Boom operator with boom box Productin sound group shot 2 Crazy sound guy productin sound group shot Location sound man sound mixer Pittsburgh movie sound Pittsburgh Audio capturer Pgh  horror film sound moxer Sound mixer Boom operator Pittsburgh movie sound mixer  sound guy with actresses

sound miser crashing a funeral Pgh Sound mixer sound mixing in Pittsburgh PA sound mixersound mixing in tight spaces sond mixer trying to determine the crop Sound recordist with Director Xayne Alen sound recordist planting a microphone  Actrress Delaney Sheye indie film bts Sound mixer with movie lighting gaffer Pittsburgh Sound recordist with makeup artist and monsters Sound recordist adjusting levels Sound guy with monster fun on set with sound mixer Scary monster with sound mixer Sound mixer setting up a plant mic Production sound recordist waiting for crew Talented sound professional audio tec Pittsburgh adjusting the boom Pittsburgh boom operator

Why I think I make a pretty good location sound recordist

One of the things I’ve learned about being a sound recordist is that most novice filmmakers think that either you have decent sound or you don’t.  The truth is that there are degrees of quality in capturing sound.  The key is to have both your lavs and your boom mic in play.  You just never know which one will work best or when you’ll need the backup file.  The talent might turn away from the boom and the lav will be the best-sounding source.  Or, the action in the scene will cause some scratch in the lav and the boom will have you your best sound.  It’s good to have redundancy!

Another thing I’ve learned about capturing sound for shorts and commercials is the importance of mic placement.  There is a “best place” to put your mics.  With a boom, you want to get the mic as close as possible to the talent.  With lavs, the center of the chest usually works out but much depends on the particular clothing and material the talent is wearing.  placing a lavalier microphone is as much an art as it is a skill.

Even More Sound Recordist Testimonials

I’ve worked with Michael on a number of occasions, on many different types of sets. He was always prompt, professional, kind, and had the highest quality of sound. His equipment is top-notch and he’s extremely easy to work with. He makes any situation work, and he’s a great personality that will add to any set. I recommend him to anyone in the film business.  – Jason Burke

“The sounds Michael recorded for my film were clean and clear. Different layered tracks give me the option to accent sounds when I want, a luxury most sound recordists don’t offer. He’s definitely my go-to anytime I need professional sound for my film!”Jeremy St. Hilaire

I’ve worked with Michael a handful of times now and he always brings a positive and passionate attitude on set. He’s great at what he does and any movie set is better for having him be a part of it.Matthew Diulus / Shadowframe Productions

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael both as a fellow crew member on numerous productions and as a director. All I have to say is wow this man is beyond talented, is professional, and has a fun personality. I look forward to working with Michael on future projects! – Shay Francis

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael Ray on three (3) films to date.  Each time I’ve found him to be extremely prepared, professional, and knowledgeable.  His equipment is high quality, state of the art, “Hollywood” level, and the resulting audio product is top of the line.   I wouldn’t hesitate to call Michael for future projects. – Dayne Jefferson

I have worked with Michael Ray on two separate occasions now.  On each project, he brought professionalism and knowledge that listed the entire project, and especially the sound. Even though they were small projects, he consistently gave his best effort. His value as a sound recordist is truly great.Nick Clark

After working repeatedly with Michael, I’d recommend him to any production looking for someone experienced in capturing clean, professional sound.Trey Chadwick

Pittsburgh Sound Mixer / Sound Recordist Directory

Just in case I’m not available to capture location sound for your next commercial video, documentary, or narrative film shoot, I’ve created a list of local location sound recordists that may be able to help you.

If you are a Pittsburgh location sound recordist, boom operator, or sound mixer and would like to be included on this list, please contact me a mray@michaelray.com.  In the email, please include your name, email address, URL (if you have one) your phone number.

Michael Ray Photography
2820 Smallman St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222