Food Photographers Archive – Berries

Food Photographers Archive – Berries


Pittsburgh Food-Photographer Archive Image -Berries

Food Photography of Berries From Photographers Archive

Here’s another environmental food photo where the background is over-lit and just plain blown-out.  It’s a pretty cool look, I think.  While I think it’s pretty cool now, I can see where this is the kind of photo that ends up looking really “dated” some day…  But for now, I still really like it. :o)

Besides the background, what I think it really cool about this photo is the how I manipulated the focus.  Notice how the plane of limited focus goes through both bunches of berries, but the focus doesn’t include the containers.  This isn’t something you can really do without either a view camera or a pc (perspective control) lens.  Sure, you can make some half-assed attempt to do something similar in Photoshop, but it will never be quite as cool.

If you’re in the market to hire a food photographer, that’s something you might want to ask the person you’re considering.  Can they control the focus like that, or can they control the lighting like that?  Many food photographers wouldn’t really know where to start, on either account.  Being a good food photographer means being able to give the client what they want, and to be honest, there aren’t all that many really good food photographers out there, especially in a relatively small city, the size of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Columbus.

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