Pittsburgh Business Head Shot

This isn’t a brand-new Pittsburgh business head shot, but I really like the way the building is composed in the photo. I ran across it in my portfolio file while redoing an old business head shot web page, (which I’m still working on updating) to go along with my model / actor head shot web…

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Pittsburgh Business Portraits

I’ve been shooting more and more environmental business portraits for doctors, lawyers, and all kinds of businesses, here in Pittsburgh and other places as well. I really enjoy this kind of work and I’ve developed a lighting system that allows me to get great lighting and move very quickly from shot to shot. The images…

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Pittsburgh Executive Portrait Photography

This was an interesting assignment of executive portrait photography. The idea was to shoot the executive in various locations so that they could use the photos as a library for the upcoming year. This way, the executive would only need to prep one time for the company’s photographic needs.

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Model and Actor Headshots

I shot a bunch of people stuff this week, but I haven’t had a chance to sort through it to post it here on my blog, but I had to “process” these headshots so since I was messing with the files anyway, I thought I’d post them. I’ll get to the other stuff early next…

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Pittsburgh Headshots

Every other week or so, I set aside a Saturday to shoot headshots for models and actors. I find it it to be enjoyable and a good way to increase my skills for shooting business headshots, commercial headshots, and other types of environmental portraits. I’m not really a social person, so it helps me in…

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Pittsburgh Business Photography

There are times in the business of portrait photography when the goal is not to make a dramatic portrait but to get nice friendly, well lit environmental portrait. Businesses like to show that their employees are happy and eager help. The challenge for the portrait photographer is to get the lighting to match the environment…

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