Pittsburgh Photography – Portraits

Pittsburgh Photography – Portraits

While I seldom if ever do photographic portraits for families or individuals, I shoot them all the time for businesses here in Pittsburgh. And because of recent improvements in camera technology, it’s easier, and therefore faster to  to shoot them, allowing us to get more shots in a given time period.  The four shots listed below are from a one-day shoot I recently did for a local healthcare facility here in the city. One that one-day Pittsburgh Photo shoot, we shoot in over 30 different location.   Yes, Pittsburgh Photography is getting easier and faster, but you still need to know how to light, compose. and get the subject to ope up to you.  Those are the keys to great shots.

Pittsburgh Photography Portriat

Pittsburgh Photography Portrait of Doctor in his office. I have a few special techniques for doing these quickly.

Pittsburgh photography lighting sample

The latest in camera technology makes my Pittsburgh Portrait Photography easier and faster.

Pittsburgh Photography non-portraits

NOt all the shots from that day were portraits. We also did some interesting "situation" type photos.


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