Pittsburgh Photographer – Commercial Portrait Photography

One of the fun things about being a Pittsburgh Photographer is that you get to shoot all kinds of different things and people for all kinds of different clients.  I did a job the other day that I just loved.  I photographed a bunch of people, indoors and outdoors, for a library of photos, for later use.  The subjects were either organ donors, the family of deceased organ donors, organ recipients, or the family members of organ recipients, so the emotion I needed to capture ranged from contemplative to down-right happy.  All in all it was a fun shoot and a real challenge, being that all the subjects were “real” people and not professional models.  Some of the subjects wanted to be there and some weren’t so sure that being there was such a good idea. :o)  Basically, it was a great day to be a Pittsburgh photographer shooting commercial portraits.  It sure beats working for a living!

These are just some of my favorite shots from the day.  I had many more, just as good to choose from, but I didn’t want to post too many…

Pittsburgh photographer - Little girl

Pittsburgh photographer

Pittsburgh photographer - little boy
Pittsburgh photographer - Black woman

Pittsburgh photographer - man with hat

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