Photographers in Pittsburgh

Photographers in Pittsburgh

Photographers in Pittsburgh are lucky to have this kind of job

Photographers in Pittsburgh get to photograph all kinds of things, and this week, I got to shoot bunch of commercial photography in industrial situations.   Since I shoot mostly food photography, this type of shooting tends to be a welcome novelty.

I love being a commercial photographer! The really fun thing about being a photographer in a city the size of Pittsburgh is that you really get to shoot a wide range of subject matter and that makes for an interesting life.  Besides shooting food in the studio, I’ve traveled to many other cities for my work and even got to spend some time enjoying myself in some of these places.  Just last month, I was in Florida shooting for PPG and took an extra day to sneak into Disney for a day.  I’ve been in helicopters, in operating rooms, in coalmines, in steel mills and in car assembly plants.  If nothing else, it’s been interesting and it’s been fun.  I have never regretted my career decision. It’s just like Confucius said…  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Industrial Photography Week

I was I spent Monday and Tuesday photographing fireman and Wednesday shooting for Anderson Equipment Company, through A to Z Communications, a Pittsburgh Graphic Design and marketing company.  With the help of some great Art Direction, I ended up walking away with some really nice photos for the project and better yet, for my portfolio and web site.

Industrial Photographers in Pittsburgh

If you’ve ever seen the inside of a factory like this, you’d know how hard it is to find a nice background on which to shoot. Industrial photographers in Pittsburgh know that you look for somewhere interesting to create order and make an acceptable photo.

It’s great working with cooperative clients

The people at Anderson were great to work with and extremely helpful with all our photography needs. Photographers in Pittsburgh can’t always count on this type of cooperation with all our shoots and when we come across some clients that are as helpful as these people were, we really tend to be thankful.  I guess the reason I say this is that just yesterday, I was photographing doctors and I had one guy sit for a whole minute and then get up after I shot only eight pictures and tell me “I’m done”.  I usually shoot at least fifty shots and sometimes it takes that long to get a great one, and I always try to get great photographs.  I actually hope he’s disappointed with his photo.

Got some great photos this week.

But I tell you what…  Anderson isn’t going to be disappointed in their photography.  At least I hope that they aren’t.  I know I’m not.  We walked away with some great photos of their equipment, their employees, and some really fun conceptual photos that most photographers in Pittsburgh would kill to have in their book.  I’m thrilled with what we ended up with shooting.

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