Food Photography of Ice Cream Cones for Pittsburgh Client

Food Photographer Michael Ray shows his latest work.

Food Photography of Ice Cream Cones

I did a food photography shoot recently for Joy Cone Company, located near Pittsburgh Pa.  Great people!

We shot a bunch of boring stuff (outlined cone shots for the packages) and then we did a bunch of illustrative food photography for the sides and backs of the product packages.  These were the fun shots.  The idea was to show different ways to use the cones, other than the obvious ones.  Most of these kinds of shots were “assembly” photos, demonstrating the components and finished pieces of these unusual uses.

All these shots were done in the studio, but we had to make many of the shoots look as though they were shot outdoors.  I think we pulled it off pretty well.

Pittsburgh food photographer's ice cream cone shot. Pittsburgh Food Photographer photographs cones food photography for Pittsburgh Client

If you’d like to know more about how to photograph ice cream, check this out.

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