Actor Headshot – Charles Timbers

Pittsburgh headshot of actor Charles Timbers

Actor Headshot – Charles Timbers

If you follow my work, you know that I shoot mostly food and people, and sometimes will photograph some model or actor headshots.  I like the diversity of commercial photography and by shooting headshots, and  I get to do a little something different than the usual. You know what they say about variety.  It does bring some spice to my life and it’s fun too.

I shot two headshots today, one for an actor and one for another guy that had a specking engagement coming up and needed to have something for the promoters of the event to send around.  The photo here is of the actor, Charles Timbers, a really nice guy.  I can tell that the other guy wouldn’t want me to post his picture because he seemed to be a little guarded about his privacy, and I can understand that.  I asked him what he did before he retired and he told me he “worked”. :o)  He ended up being an ex CEO of one of Pittsburgh’s largest corporations…

So here’s one of today’s headshots.  Charles has a very interesting face and I’m sure he’s a great actor too.

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