Veggie & Chicken Sandwich Photo

Veggie food photo

Veggie & Chicken Sandwich Photo

I think every time Matt Walker comes to art direct a photo shoot for Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle Markets, I walk away with at least one portfolio piece.  I wish he’d come to shoot more often.  :o)

This food photo is for a monthly direct-mail piece and it’s a great opportunity to shoot environmental shots.  Too often I’ll go for weeks shooting photos of food on a grey background, and that’s great, but it is nice to shoot “pretty” food photos once in a while…

There are many “keys” to good food photography, and this image has many of them.  It has good textural lighting (that’s my input :0) really interesting props, romantic focus, a pleasant color pallet, and some great food styling.  The composition is okay too, but much of that is dictated by the layout needed for the actual marketing material.  I do like the way the metal at the bottom of the photo forms a “v” and guides the eye around back up into the image.

All in all, I think the team did a fine job and the this food photo will definitely make the portfolio.

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