Top Secret Pittsburgh Food Photography Shoot



I was really bummed that I couldn’t post images from today’s shoot for. The products haven’t been released and the client wanted me to keep things under wraps until they are released. I talked her into letting me give you this slightly-redacted image for your viewing pleasure…

Top Secret Pittsburgh Food Photography Shoot

Pittsburgh Food Stylist Ana Kelly hard at work.

Pittsburgh Food Stylist Ana Kelly hard at work.

Client and photo assistant

Amazingly wonderful client and second favorite photo assistant, make final touches on shot #3.


Client and balding photographer try to fix what the stylist screwed up… :o)


Ana and bald food photographer hard at work. Well, Ana is hard at work…


Food Stylist Ana Kelly and famous NY editorial food photographer Cayla Zahoran having a good time, probably making fun of the other bald Pittsburgh food photographer.


I heard that Ana does some of her best work in the dark, but as a food stylist, she says she prefers to work in the light. That’s why I keep the set as dark as possible…


Sr. Account Exec. “Mo” finishes a grueling conference call in her office…



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