“Take My Picture”

I can’t tell you how many time someone has said that to me.  “Take my picture”.  So I did.  I was standing there on the Clemente Bridge, waiting for some executives to shot up so that I could photograph them with the city of Pittsburgh behind them.  It’s a great place for that kind of photo.  Anyway… I was standing there waiting and this guy walks by, pushing a shopping cart full of scrap mental, mostly gutters and down spouts.  None of the pieces looked familiar, so I was a little relieved.  As he was passing, I asked the guy how much he got for that stuff, and a conversation followed.

He told me that he got fifty cents a pound for the stuff and that his picture was in a magazine once.  We all have our fifteen minutes of fame and then life goes on.  I really like my portrait of this guy.  I don’t know if the guy is homeless or not, but he sure is a hard worker.  God bless him.

Take my picture

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