Pittsburgh Photographers use thier iPhone

Pittsburgh Commercial Portrait Photographer - Al

Pittsburgh Commercial Photographer and good friend of mine, Al Adams

Pittsburgh Photographers are using their iPhones

The great thing about the iPhone, is that it’s always with you.  And that’s something you just can’t say about other cameras.  Even many Pittsburgh photographers don’t usually carry cameras around their necks every day, but they’ll always have their iPhones with them.  This is a shot I did while on a shoot in Utah, while accompanying a photographer friend.  Sure, I had my professional camera back in the car, but I was able to just reach in my pocket and pull out my iPhone to capture this stunning image.  Then, using an iPhone app to enhance the image a little, I was able to post it to various social media sites at will.  That’s something my D800 just can’t do.

I’m not sure if it would be acceptable as a final product for a Pittsburgh photographer’s job, but for social media and marketing in general, it works just fine.  And face it, a photographer’s ability to market himself is an important issue in the success of that Photographer’s business.

So, the moral of the story is, if you’re a professional photographer, don’t overlook the need for social marketing ammunition, in the form of your iPhone images.  If you’re an artist, then use the tools at hand to create your art.

Image Title: Al in Utah
Client: Personal
Camera / Digital Back: iPhone 5
Lens: NA
Shutter Speed: NA
Aperture: NA
Lighting Equipment: Available light
Main Light Source: Sun

Things I really Link about this photo: This photo is all about the design.  The tinting and the distressed look are all gimmick, and I think add something to the overall feel, but the design is what stands out to me.  And that’s what’s really great about the iPhone.  You have it with you all the time and you can practice, practice, practice.




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