Pittsburgh Art Director Portraits

Art Director Portrait from Applebox

Pittsburgh Art Director Portraits

While I still love food photography, I always yearn for more variety in my life and that’s why I like doing head shots so much.  Life is was too short to do only one type of photography, so I really enjoy mixing it up a bit…  This is a photo from a shoot for Applebox Studios.  They’re great people and this is one of their many talented employees.  The shot was done with natural light only, something a little unusual for me.  The thing is, if it’s there and it’s good, why mess with it?

I don’t know if you even noticed or not, but I’ve “desaturated” this a little to match other portraits we’ve done the past for their website.  It’s a nice look, not too much, just right to give it its own “look”.  The pose is really natural and the thing I really like about it is the way piece of paper overlaps the hand just enough to break it the.

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