Not all executive portraits have to be formal

Friendly executive portrait of Pittsburgh business person

Not all executive portraits have to be formal

Executive portraits in Pittsburgh

These couple of photos were taken for the cover of a business magazine and to be honest, I’m not sure which image they ended up using.  Most likely, they used one for the cover and one for the article inside. 

The two photos are very different.  One shows the subject looking directly at the camera while the other is more informal, with the subject looking at someone in the frame.  The two photos give very different impressions of the executive.  One seems to be more serious, more executive-looking, and the other makes the person look more warm and approachable. Both photos are valid and can be best used in different situations.

You need both smiles and serious portraits

There is a times when a serious photo is needed and times when a friendly portrait is more useful.  It’s good to have both types ready to go when different needs appear.

For just that reason, I have a way of getting a variety of expressions that insures that we always walk away with the perfect expression for all occasions.  What I do is to ask the subject to have  a blank expression for the first shot, and then for the next shot, have just a little smile, and then with each shot after, to have more and more of a smile. 

My technique for always getting the best possible expression

The key to making this technique work is to shoot fast.  The whole six shot sequence takes no more that six seconds.  The technique works great and it’s especially good for people that tend to squint when they smile.  When selecting the finals, we just end up picking the best compromise between smile and squint.

If you’re do for a business portrait, please drop me an email or give me a call at 412-232-4444, and we’ll get you a few portraits that you can use for all occasions.

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