Model and Actor Headshots

Pittsburgh Model Sabrina Malik

Shooting Model and Actor Headshots

While I don’t shoot Weddings or Family Portraits, other than freebees for family and close friends, I do on occasion shoot model and actor headshots.  And I have to tell you, I really enjoy the variety.  Shooting food photography, industrial photography, and other types of commercial photography is always fun to do, nothing is quite the same as trying to make something that is already beautiful, even more so.

I guess what I like most about it is being able to play with light…  I’ve been shooting my headshots exclusively with “available” light and to tell you the truth, I think it’s made a huge difference in how I see light and it’s also vastly improved many of my other types of photography.  Like I used to have on the signature of all my emails, “It’s all about the light”.

Sure beats working for a living… :o)

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