Headshots of Pittsburgh Actress Christina Chickis

Headshots of Pittsburgh Actress Christina Chickis

I’ve really been getting off on shooting headshots for local Pittsburgh Actors and Actresses.  I’ve decided that rather than doing what I think the market wants, I’ll just make headshots that I think are really cool.

I’ve given some thought to what I’m doing, and I’ve come to the following conclusions.

1. I’m tired of making headshots that I think are “without style”, or at least a style that I can appreciate.  I’m drawn to dramatic lighting and to serious expressions.

I’ve always thought that when you see someone with a blank expression, you can kinda see into the person’s soul, and besides that, it’s a bit novel.  Of course, you can’t really see into someone’s soul, nor would I really care to, but there’s something really interesting about the way people look with a blank expression…

2. I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of doing something you like and not giving a damn about what others think.  For the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out what a market wanted, and then trying to give it to them.  I guess I’m at the point in my career when I just don’t really care anymore.  I sort of wish I’d come to this conclusion earlier.

Headshot of Pittsburgh Actress

The skin tones of these headshots are all over the place. I probably need to work on that.  When you view them independently, they seem to work, but when you see them together, it bugs me a little. So, did I shoot smiling shots of Christina, sure…  I si ask her not to post any though.  I want to try developing a brand.  She’s welcome to use the smile photos for submissions to actual projects, but not for social media posts.

Headshot of Actress in Pittsb urgh

You can probably tell, I have this thing for hats, a thing for dark colors, a thing for moody lighting, and a thing for serious expressions.  I don’t want the hats to be part of my style, just the other elements…

Headshot, High speed sync

Shooting headshots can get a little monotonous, so to keep things interesting, I like to experiment a little with each subject.  With the headshot above, I tried a little “high-speed sync”.  That’s where you overpower the daylight with a flash unit.  That allows you to darken the background and get a bit more drama.  In post-production, I also played with over-sharpening the background, while keeping the subject “normal”  It’s an interesting look that I think I’m going to do more of… (shot with an 85 1.4, wide open)

Actor headshots of Cristina Chickis

This is probably my favorite shot from Christina’s shoot.  I really like the dark look and I especially like the fly-away hairs. I think they bring a bit of authenticity to the shot.  (shot with an 85 1.4, wide open)

So, what do you think  Am I on the right track?



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