Food Photography Shoot of Ham

Food Photography of Ham

Food Photography Shoot of Ham

Here’s a photo from lat week’s food shoot.  The photo itself is amazingly exciting, but at the same time, I really like it.  I think that the composition is almost flawless, the lighting rocks, the food styling is exceptional, and the napkin fold is to die for… I have this thing for folding napkins… :o)

The assignment was for one of my favorite clients and was for a Christmas-themed direct mail  promotion.  That explains the red plate.  The funny thing about commercial food photography is that you seldom get to shoot dramatic photos, usually, they’re scenes that an every-day person could create in their own home.  It’s the dramatically lit, interestingly propped shots that get you the work in the first place, but you end up producing more conservative pictures for real-world clients.

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