Six Best Commercial Photographers In Pittsburgh PA

Best Pittsburgh PhotographersThe Six Best Pittsburgh Photographers, all in one photo!

Okay, I’m a Photographic SEO whore, it’s true…  No, I don’t think I’m the six best Pittsburgh Photographers, but I do like to try being funny once in a while, and this is my attempt at that.  I hope you enjoy my effort in bringing you a photo of the six best photographers in Pittsburgh, PA. :o)

The truth is that a client of mine asked me to shoot a group photo of a few of their employees for an award that they won.  While I was setting up, I asked my photo assistant to shoot some photos of me in various positions so that I could get a better feel for how all the bodies would fit together in the final photograph. I’ve done a few of these kinds of composites in the past and thought it might prove to be a bit entertaining to my blog visitors.  If you’d like to see other similar selfie composite photos I’ve done in the past, please visit my selfie gallery.

If you’re interested in seeing the final image, I’ve posted it below.  The challenge for these types of photos is to compose them before the actual clients arrive and that’s the reason for my photo.  The fact that I make the composing of the photo so entertaining is just a plus.

best Pghphotographers groupshot

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