Portraits with a purpose

Portraits with a purpose

Here are a few portraits from a recent shoot.  I do some pro bono work for a few paces in the Pittsburgh area and this is one of my favorites, Cancer Bridges , formally known as Our Club House.  One of the projects I work on is a fundraising brochure where they spotlight some of their members.  In the past, we’ve photographed in their clubhouse, the subject’s home, and at various places around town.  Since we’re still in the grasps of the pandemic and because the weather was so bad, we decided to shoot this year’s shoot in my studio.  We needed a family photo, and individual portraits of the two kids.  Even though cancer is a serious subject, life still goes on and you make the best of it.  The portraits are meant to show a positive emotion, full of love, support and hope.  I think we did a pretty good job of that and the subjects look great.

I’m pleased with the results.  Nothing dramatic, but they fill the bill… :o)


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