Photographing barges and tug boats on Pittsburgh Rivers

Commercial photography of tug boat deckhand at workPhotographing Barges and tug boats on the Pittsburgh Rivers

One of the things I love most about being a commercial photographer is the variety of the things I get to photograph.  I’ve been in coal mines, up in helicopters, In steel mills while they’re pouring molten steel.  I’ve been in operating rooms during actual operations and to be honest, I’ve always wanted to shoot barges on the river.  So finally, I got my opportunity.  Unfortunately, the day I got to do it was on a crappy, overcast February day. The good news, we’ll be doing it again when the trees green-up.

I can’t wait to fly my drone and capture some overheads and some other perspectives.  I’m really stoked to do this again.  The guys (and girls too), were very kind and safety-oriented.  I like that.  Even though I’m a kayaker, I have a profound fear of the water.  My first question getting onto the boat was “so, have you ever fallen into the river?”

Commercial photographer photosgraphs barges in the Ohio River

commercial photo of tug boat deckhand working in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh tug boat captain navigating Pittsburgh river

commercial photo of tug boat deckhand throwing a line to tie off boat.

Commercial photo of Tug boat and barge powering down the Ohio Rive in Pittsburgh, PA

Commercial photography of tug boat deckhand at work

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