Nondisclosure Agreements are driving me crazy!


Nondisclosure Agreements are driving me crazy!

I’ve been amazingly busy lately but I haven’t been able to post photos from many of the jobs I’ve done because of nondisclosure agreements.  I had a week-long food photography shoot with Baskin Robbins, shooting “flavor of the month” promotions for their international stores.  I’ve been some really cool industrial photography shoots for Industrial Scientific, for a new gas detection meter they have coming out, and today, I’m completing three days of shooting subs for Get-Go, that I can’t share because all the subs are contest winners that haven’t been notified yet.  What is it with this nondisclosure stuff?  How am I supposed to keep blogging with no images to share?

Okay… I feel better for venting… I’m done bitching.  I’ll just make my way to the bank now and I’ll feel better… :o)

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