Awesome New Food Photography Lens

New Food Photography Lens

I recently picked up a new 200mm Macro lens, that is has proven to be an amazing for food photography.  The lens produces two characteristics that make food photos look amazing.  First off, the lens is a “telephoto” and tends to “stack” objects in the photo.  What I mean by this is, if you have two identical objects in a photo, one nearer and the other farther from the camera, the two will appear to be similar size to one another.  The opposite would be true of a wider-angle lens.  With a normal or wide angle lens, the nearer object will appear to be much larger than the one that is farther from the camera.  The other thing this lens has is a very shallow depth of field, when shot at a large aperture.  This quick depth of field falloff tends to make the photo quite sexy…

food photo of raspeberries taken with 200mm macro

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