Magazine photographers in Pittsburgh

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Magazine photographers in Pittsburgh

If you’re a Magazine photographer in Pittsburgh, you’ll be interested in hearing how to get work.  The main thing is being able to be found on the internet, and that means the search engines. It’s not like it used to be in the old days when a magazine used to fly in their favorite photographer to the city where the photo needed to be taken.  Sure, the big magazines may still do that, but more and more magazines are using the internet to find a good photographer in the target city.

The Pittsburgh Magazine Photographers’ Portfolio Web Pages

If you want to shoot for magazines, you need to have great portraits in on your web page portfolio.  It’s that simple.  Most magazines will need someone, not something photographed, so portraits are the key.  And I don’t know if every cleint will do this or not, but I believe that most will usually avoid any photographer that shoots weddings.  There seems to be a bias against wedding shooters and most magazines prefer to hire commercial photographers.

Something A Little Different

I had something happen a while back that I thought was unusual, but yet a smart thing to do.  I did a job for Discover Magazine and when I got the photo buyer on the phone, as usual, I asked him how he found me.  He tole me he did a search for “Pittsburgh Photographers” and then, instead of looking through the thousands of web pages that were returned from that search, he clicked on the “images” option.  Then he scrolled down the list of images until he found the style of portrait that he wanted to have in his magazine.  From there, he clicked on the image to see the connected web page.  That way, he got right to what he wanted.  The moral of the story is to optimize the images as well as the web pages.  This buy had a good idea and I’m sure other magazine AD’s will come up with similar techniques to sort through a city’s magazine photographers.

Testimonial for a magazine photographer in Pittsburgh

The following is an email sent to me by an Art Director from a shoot I did here in Pittsburgh, for Diversity Executive Magazine.  I hate to toot my own horn, so I thought I’d let someone else do it… :o)


On Apr 11, 2014, at 2:58 PM, Travis Rothe <> wrote:

Hi Michael,

The images are lovely! I appreciate the variety, your selection of environments, and Candi’s expressions.

Very well done.

I also appreciate that you sent high-res via Hightail.

Please send an invoice when available.

Again, beautiful work…I’ll certainly reach out to you next time we have a profile in your area.


Travis Rothe
Senior Art Director
Human Capital Media

111 E. Wacker Dr. | Suite 1200 | Chicago, IL 60601
o. 312.676.9900 Ext. 218 | f. 312.676.9910


Here are a few of the images from the two hour shoot.

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photographers in Pittsburgh inside 1

photographers in Pittsburgh inside 2

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